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PWAA  is a website for Pamela Walsh, an Art Advisor who helps her clients build exceptional collections. She needed a site to explain her business, share her art background
and showcase her taste. I really love the simlicity of this one.
The Power of The Possible is a website for Auriela McCarthy, an author, speaker and relationship expert. Her site is complex, effective and is one of my favotites.
Healing Flower is a website for Mark Flower, an acupuncturist and expert in Chinese medicine. He specializes Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and Instant Pain Relief. This site is simple and elegant.
Electrical Connection, Inc  is a website for Fred Hyslop, a licensed electrical contactor. His clients are both residental and businesses.
I think this site really shows what he can do.
Sweet Chair-ity  is a website for Margo Davis, a voice-over actress who makes the most amazingly creative painted chairs for charity. I think this one is a lot of fun.
MaTandhir  is a website for Peter Gilbert, an architect by profession.
Peter created a new way to teach "Intimicy" to men, both gay and straight.
Eric Evinczik is a website for the artist. Eric creates fantastic scenes from "paleo" history and folklore that could never actually exist.
Ore Construction  is a website for a major builder of homes and commercial buildings.
This site is for both the individual planning a home and companies looking for large projects.
Rural & Urban Photography  is a website for Tyler Hastings, a free-lance photographer. He needed a site for his portfolio. He is in the process of updating
his images, so I am just featuring a few pages of the site. 
Star  is a website for Michael Starks who does estate liquidations and appraisals. 
This site is still under construction, but I liked enough that I wanted to show it off!

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